Bachmann 36-015 Metal 3-Hole Disc Wagon Wheels (10)

Bachmann 36-015 Metal 3-Hole Disc Wagon Wheels (10)
Price: £11.65

METAL 3 HOLE DISC WAGON WHEELS (X10) This excellent product line consists of 'OO' scale locomotives and rolling stock of the four main railway companies in Britain from 1923 - 1948, namely GWR, LMS, LNER, and SR, as well as models of the nationalized British Railways from 1948 to 1994 and the Train Operating Companies formed since 1994. Detailing is excellent with blackened, plated valve gear, rods and wheels, sprung buffers on many of the new locos, and five-pole motors. Bachmann have added to their Digital Command Control system (DCC) with power boosters and walk around controls Bachmann Branchline aims to help you the modeller by providing the finest OO scale British locomotives and rolling stock producing true to life/true to scale models that reproduce in miniature, the realism of railways from yesteryear and today.

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