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WILLS SS71 Round Top Windows (4)
Round Top Windows (4) Give your industrial and church buildings a bit of class with these fin..
WILLS SS72 Village Scene bench horse trough & village cross
Village Scene bench horse trough & village cross. Many villages boast all three component..
WILLS SS73 Timber Yard
Wills SS73 Timber Yard. Timber Yard: when timber was not such an expensive commodity, it was ..
WILLS SS74 Pill Box
 Pill Box. Built as war defences during both world wars to various designs, these curiou..
WILLS SS75 Bus Shelter
 Bus Shelter. As motorised omnibus services took off in the 1920s, it became clear that ..
WILLS SS76 Quoins Corner Stones
 Quoins/ Corner Stones. Quoins are often added to style buildings and walls on corners, ..
WILLS SS77 Period York Paving
Period York Paving. Complete with cracked slabs, granite curb stones and a corner segment, yo..
WILLS SS78 Timber Island Platform Shelter
Timber Island Platform Shelter. This shelter is based upon those at Clapham Junction. It fits..
WILLS SS79 Parapet Bridge Walls
 Parapet Bridge Walls. Brick type, including piers and copings. Equally useful for tops ..
WILLS SS80 Three Arch Viaduct
Three Arch Viaduct. With stone piers and sides coupled with brick arch lining, this three arc..
SS81 Extra Arch & Pier
Wills SS81 Extra Arch & Pier. Designed to extend the SS80 viaduct kit. Area: 141 x 1..
SS82 River Canal Bridge
Wills SS82 River Canal Bridge. An invaluable little bridge, these ubiquitous structures are s..
SS83 2 Stone Piers
Wills SS83 2 Stone Piers. This pair of piers from the SS80 viaduct kit will enable the resour..
SS84 Water Wheel & Sluice Gates
Wills SS84 Water Wheel & Sluice Gates. Included in the Water Mill (kit CK22), these detai..
SS86 Windows Doors Gates & Porch
Wills SS86 Windows Doors Gates & Porch. ..
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