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WILLS SS41 Feather Edge Board Fencing including gates
 Feather Edge Board Fencing including gates.  Standard secures arris-rail fencing. ..
WILLS SS42 Windows & Doors
 Windows & Doors.  This selection of Georgian, Victorian and Gothic style doors and..
WILLS SS43 Concrete fencing 4 different types
 Concrete fencing 4 different types.  4 common styles of concrete fence often in domest..
WILLS SS44 Larch Lap Fencing including gates.
 Larch Lap Fencing including gates.  Fencing suitable for garden boundaries.  Heig..
WILLS SS45 Rustic & Picket Fencing
 Rustic & Picket Fencing.  2 common types of garden fencing seen all over suburbia...
WILLS SS46 Buildings Pack A chimneys drainpipes sills etc.
 Buildings Pack A chimneys drainpipes sills etc.  You can use these parts to finish off..
WILLS SS47 Bow Plate Girder Bridge
 Bow Plate Girder Bridge.  For heavy use. Stone abutments/decking included.  Area:..
WILLS SS48 Timber Signal Box
Timber Signal Box.  Made by Saxby & Farmer, a well-known independent signal manufacturer..
WILLS SS49 Decked Girder Bridge
 Decked Girder Bridge.  Suitable for lighter train loadings on branch lines. Stone abut..
WILLS SS50 Platelayers Hut
 Platelayers Hut.  This familiar structure could be found lining the banks of railways ..
WILLS SS51 Goods Yard Crane with fixed timber jib
 Goods Yard Crane with fixed timber jib.  Many goods yards had a crane for unloading wa..
WILLS SS52 Brick Retaining Arches (4)
 Brick Retaining Arches (4).  Walls were used to widen embankments and cuttings, shore ..
WILLS SS53 Brick Arch Bridge complete with abutments
Brick Arch Bridge complete with abutments.  This design is appropriate to use for roads and ..
WILLS SS54 Station Canopy, length 180mm
 Station Canopy, length 180mm.  Although now sometimes dismantles for safety reasons, p..
WILLS SS55 Brick Arch Overlays for doorways windows etc.
Brick Arch Overlays for doorways windows etc.  Gives your doorways and windows that finishin..
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