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WILLS SS25  Station Halt for small local community, complete with fencing and signs
 Station Halt for small local community. , complete with fencing and signs ..
WILLS SS26  Victorian Cast Iron Type Bridge, use SS64 for abutments
Victorian Cast Iron Type  Bridge, use SS64 for abutments. Size 110mm long. ..
WILLS SS27  Station Halt With Waiting Room
 Station Halt With Waiting Room ..
WILLS SS28  Occupational Bridge and Stone Abutments Single Track (See SS32 for twin track)
Occupational Bridge Single Track (See SS32 for twin track). Underpass for farm or light traffic. ..
WILLS SS29  Ground Level Signal Box
Ground Level Signal Box. Suitable for small stations, goods yards & level crossings. Area 48 ..
WILLS SS30 Barn, stone & timber built type
This typical design of barn will fit well into any rural scene. You can really give a farm scene ..
WILLS SS31 Village Forge
 Village Forge. You can easily recreate this charming scene on your layout. The Village..
WILLS SS32 Occupational Bridge & Stone Abutments double track
 Occupational Bridge & Stone Abutments double track. Twin track underpass for farm and l..
WILLS SS34 Water Tower & Stone Base
 Water Tower & Stone Base.  If your railway runs steam trains, then a water tower i..
WILLS SS35 Pagoda Building Corrugated Iron type Hut
Pagoda Building Corrugated Iron type Hut.  This distinctive prefabricated corrugated-iron bu..
WILLS SS36 Dressed Stone type Wall
 Dressed Stone type Wall. Add a touch of class to Victorian houses and country estates. ..
WILLS SS37 Market Stalls 4 wheel barrows including loads (2)
 Market Stalls 4 wheel barrows including loads (2). Towns with market days would be the site..
WILLS SS38 Cattle Creep stone type arches & abutments
 Cattle Creep stone type arches & abutments. Used to allow cattle or a river to pass und..
WILLS SS39 Crossing Keepers Cottage
Crossing Keepers Cottage.  Level crossing keepers were often provided with a small house, us..
WILLS SS40 Scrapyard Small Stone Building & Scrap Pile
 Scrapyard Small Stone Building & Scrap Pile.  Scrap merchants were once a common s..
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