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Wills Kits were first produced in 1955 by Bob Wills and appeared in his own model shop in Coulsden. By 1960 Wills Finecast Locomotive Kits were well established and when Mr Wills sold his business to South Eastern Finecast in 1987 there were over forty loco kits within the range. Prior to this, the Wills company started in 1978 making simple but extremely effective plastic scenic kits. The well known modeller and writer Iain Rice was involved with the design and the range quickly grew.

In 1998 the Wills plastic scenic series was sold to PECO and production was moved from Forest row to the Ratio Factory in Buckfastleigh. The range continues to be developed and today there are over 120 kits for you to choose from. Wills offer you three easy ways to make your models. The easiest way is to use one of the many kits in the ‘Scenic’ series. They have moulded pre-coloured plasic parts that only require gluing together. Painting is optional, but will help make your kits look even more realistic. More advanced modellers will find the ‘Craftsman’ series of kits provides them with a good range of larger models. Parts are cut out of sheet materials using templates before assembly and painting. The third modelling option Wills offer is the means to customise a kit or make an entire model from scratch using their range of material packs. Wills believe that through these three types of Wills models, you have the widest possible choice to help you build whatever you need.

Wills structure kits are suitable for use on all UK model layouts representing the 1930s up to the 1960s and beyond, many of these types of buildings are still in existence today. The design are copied from real life, giving you the option to model a real situation or, if you prefer, use them in a fictional setting. The range includes domestic and commercial kits to help you bring to life the landscape through which your model railway runs.

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