Metcalfe Kits Building Materials

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Metcalfe M0051 Cobblestones
Weathered Cobblestones printed on to thick card Pack contains 8 x sheets 200 x 270mm This pro..
Metcalfe M0052 Dressed Stone
Dressed stone, ideal for retaining walls etc. Pack contains 8 sheets .4mm (400micron) thick p..
Metcalfe M0053 Engineer's Blue Brick
4 sheets x .23mm (230 microns) thick 4 sheets x .4mm (400 microns) thick Total 8 sheets per p..
Metcalfe M0054 Red Brick
4 sheets x .23mm thick 4 sheets x .4mm thick Printed solid brick area per sheet 270 x 175mm ..
Metcalfe M0055 Pavings
8 sheets of thick card with a variety of paving and curbed edges. Size of printed areas vary ..
Metcalfe M0056 Tarmac
8 x sheets of thick card printed with a tarmac effect right to the edges Size of each sheet 2..
Metcalfe M0057 Stonework M1 Style
4 x sheets of thick card & 4 x sheets of thin card, printed with our 'M1' style stone effect ..
Metcalfe MOO58 Semi Cut Stonework B1 Style
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