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Hello, and welcome to the February 2016 edition of the Scale Rail newsletter.   Happy new year everyone!  We hope you got some great modelling presents at Christmas – and we look forward to seeing you again as 2016 rolls along.

In this issue:

New releases from Oxford Rail

Oxford have been busy, announcing no fewer than 14 new models to be released this year.  We don’t yet have prices or availability but we are very happy to take your pre-orders and of course you can keep an eye on our newsletters, facebook page and the model press for more information as it becomes available.  Current estimations for the wagons and new Radials are late Spring 2016, Deans Goods are Autumn 2016 but as always this is subject to change.



Also in development are Mk 3 coaches, available in a number of liveries and both HST and loco hauled versions.  More information to follow!

A huge number of vehicles in various scales was also announced, for full details click here:

New announcements from Peco

To go alongside their existing comprehensive range of trackwork in multiple scales, Peco have announced a new product – OO gauge bullhead rail.  The new flexible wooden-sleeper track (ref.SL-108F) will be representative of the type which was commonplace across the UK rail-network throughout the steam era, seeing use on both mainlines and secondary routes, and bullhead track can still be found today on some parts of the national network.  Bullhead rail was the standard for the British railway system from the mid-19th until the mid-20th century, but even on modern layouts, this could be used for a disused or overgrown siding.

The new bullhead track will be fully compatible with their existing code 75 flat-bottom Streamline range, but will feature proportionally greater spacing between the sleepers.  Only plain flexitrack has been announced initially, however if there is a positive reaction to its release then Peco may consider releasing pointwork in the future.

Peco have also announced several new items in their growing OO-9 narrow gauge range, including slate and side-tipping wagons, Glyn Valley Tramway coaches and a third L&B bogie coach.  The Wills range benefits from a modern Palisade fencing and several new modern building kits, Ratio will see the introduction of a Nissen Hut kit, and the Peco turntable gets a motorisation kit.

Modern buildings from Wills

To go alongside the new palisade fencing announced above, Wills have announced the first of an interesting set of modern “modular” buildings that can be assembled in a variety of ways.  On the inside of the building walls are a number of ‘cut lines’ which you can use to assemble the various pieces to suit your own needs for doors, windows etc.  Starting with the “basic” kit, SSM300 Industrial/Retail “base kit” which is suitable for one full or two low relief buildings, the following options are currently available.

SSM310 Supermarket frontage for base kit

SSM311 Retail frontage for base kit

SSM312 HGV loading bay detail pack for base kit

SSM315 Base unit extension kit (enables a deeper building or two deeper low relief buildings to be built)

These kits are ideal for the modern modeller, either in low relief form along the back of a layout or as a ‘corner filler’, to represent either a standalone big store or a typical ‘out of town retail park’ that can be seen all over the country.  You can of course print your own store signs (using real logos from the internet, or design your own) at home using a printer and labels, which can be stuck on to thin plasticard and cut out. 

We hope to feature the “finished article” in a future newsletter.

This month’s bargains

As usual we have a selection of special bargains for you during February.  All orders are subject to our usual P&P terms.

First off a few items of track that we seem to have excess stock of.  For OO gauge modellers the SL-84 and SL-85 code 100 catch points we are offering at £7.50 each, and for N gauge modellers we are offering the SL-E386F Finescale curved double radius right hand point with electrofrog for £10.20 each.

We’d also like to offer 20% off of the RRP (not our normal price) of any Wills kit.

A reminder that phone or email orders only for the above items please, as they will not be listed at the special price on our website.  You must quote “February Newsletter” to get the special prices.

And finally…

Got any old videos or cine film?  Most of us have a boxful somewhere at home in the loft, but nothing left to play it on.  We have an arrangement with a company that specialises in transferring cine (standard 8, super 8, 16mm and 9.5mm) film and videos (VHS, VHSc, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV) to DVD so you can enjoy those old, forgotten memories.  Please contact us for further details.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what a ‘catch point’ (one of our bargains this month) does, it’s a special piece of trackwork to stop trains in sidings/loops reaching the main line when points/signals are set against it, and potentially causing a serious accident.  Here’s a video from the GCR showing one in use.  Oops!

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